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Hand lay-up lamination

The contact lamination process starts when a layer of gelcoat is applied. The first layer gives required colour, glossy surface and protects the element againts UV radiation and adverse atmospheric conditions or any other agent that may be harmful (for example sea water).

The gelcoat is applied with a brush or spray onto the surface of a mould. The number of gelcoat layers depends on the complexity of the element. The gelcoat is dry after approx. 2h at room temperature.

The next step is to apply resin (carefully mixed with catalyst).

Then, the structural layers (glass mats and fabrics) or core materials are laid.

The layers are then soaked with resin. It is important to lay down the reinforcement on a surface which is moisted with resin - it helps to remove the excessive air from the laminate.

Preliminarily moistened layers are rolled with metal rolls. More complex details are worked with flat brushes and special disk (edge) rolls.

Due to the fact that the polyester resin is susceptible to oxygen inhibition which blocks the polymerization process, the last layer is made of resin with addition of wax (usually it is a paraffin corrector).

The addition of wax helps to create a thin film which prevents the air from contact with resin and it results in  ultimate hardening of laminate. In order to achieve estetic surface, a topcoat is applied onto the last layer (it is made of gelcoat with paraffine corrector).

When the laminate is hard, the element is pulled out of mould. The material allowances are grinded and the element is packed.

The lamination process is carried out in the temperature range of  18°C to 25°C and the humidity not exceeding 65%. In order to accelerate the process, of polymerization infrared radiators can be used. 

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