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Many years of experience  and a highly-specialised team of workers allows us to offer top-quality composite products for the following branches of industry:

  • Automotive
  • Shipbuilding industry
  • Energetics
  • Architecture and construction
  • Medicine
     and many more.

In our production process we use fiberglass and polyester resin. We are also experienced in application of vinyloester resins, epoxy resins and carbon fiber.

We manufacture composite elements by means of contact method (mechanical resin and gelcoat spraying) and LRTM. We are able to adapt our manufacturing process according to each individual demand. 

The products manufactured at WENTECH are of the top quality. The have smooth and glossy surface and are UV resistant. We are able to manufacture elements using any RAL colour. It is also possible to paint our products or add some steel parts - we offer such services as well. 


The company WENTECH offers high quality composite moulds manufacturing as well. The moulds manufactured by WENTECH have perfectly smooth surface (two layers of polished, special gelcoat), mould thickness is always at least 10mm. The moulds may be equipped with an additional steel support structure (anticorrosive protection). The plugs (models, mainly MDF) are manufactured on our five-axis CNC millWe use "optimold" system.

For evaluation process we need a detailed drawing of an element with thickness, colour and demanded structure marked. Should we design a composite element, we would need a technical drawing.

We guarantee short lead times and our assistance at every stage of realization.

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