For more than 30 years, we have been making FRP components for customers around the world.

When using FRP components you need to be sure that they will be of the highest quality. Technology developed over the span of more than 30 years and 2,000+ completed projects gives such assurance.

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Wentech quality is the experience gained on thousands of projects.


Years on the market

We have specialised in FRP fabrication for more than 3 decades.


Completed projects

We successfully realized over 2000 diverse projects.



We have personnel members who specialaise in FRP with many years of experience.


of shop floor area

Over the years, we have invested in the development of our Company, which bore fruits of an extensive and modern machinery base and a large production floor area.

Excellent quality is not just about efficient processes, but about values that are embedded in the Company's DNA.

Of all successes, we treasure our personnel the most. Regardless of position or length of service, we treat everyone fairly and with respect, supporting their development. We believe that a well-trained, motivated and valued worker is the basis for the failure free performance of our products.

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Wentech employs a team of well-coordinated and experienced specialists.

The WENTECH composites are made by a team with specialist experience in the design and fabrication of FRP components. The team is our greatest asset.

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Mateusz Kalder

Market Development Director



Łukasz Paluch

CNC technologist


Jacek Margowniczy

Production master



Andrzej Saternus

Quality control specialist



Marek Florczak



Why is it worthwhile to work with us?

We are in the possession of an extensive and modern machinery base. Each shop, specialised in particular fabrication phases, is equipped with an overhead crane and the latest equipment needed for fabrication, including a five-axis machining centre (with working area dimensions X=3000, Y=5000, Z=1200), which allows extremely precise models of products to be made on a scale of 1:1.

We manufacture composite products using both manual (mechanical spraying of gelcoat and resin) and LRTM methods. We are able to adapt the production process to individual customer requirements (resin infusion). We manufacture FRP components using: polyester resins, epoxy resins, vinylester resins, glass and carbon fibres and others.

We also offer consultancy services in the areas of: strength calculations, composite design, product manufacturing technology, model and mould manufacturing technology. We are certified in compliance with PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 and PN-EN ISO/IEC 17067:2014-01:3 standards.


100% manufactured in the EU

We are one of the few FRP manufacturers to fabricate 100% of our products within the European Union and to its most stringent standards.

Experience gained in thousands of projects

Having more than 25 years in market experience, we have successfully completed thousands of projects. We are experienced in the fabrication of batch parts as well as large-size components made to special orders. As a result, the technology and the materials we use are ideally suited to the execution.


The moulds made by CNC machine

Thanks to an extremely precise 5-axis CNC machine (with working area dimensions X=3000, Y=5000, Z=1200), which allows to fabricate extremely precise models on a 1:1 scale of all products, we are able to make the large-size moulds needed for the fabrication of polyester-glass composites. Compared to manually created moulds, our technology gives far greater precision and also repeatability of products. Additionally, we fabricate modular moulds so that the final model has no dimensional limitations.

Perfectly smooth surface

The perfectly smooth surface on the outside of the enclosure provides lasting protection against water erosion and is visually appealing. This allows us to fabricate consumer goods or their components.


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