We will manufacture any FRP composite product for you with perfect precision.

When using FRP components you need to be sure that they will be of the highest quality. Technology developed over the span of more than 25 years and 2,000+ completed projects gives such assurance.

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Manufacturing of composite components

We manufacture composite components tailored to the operational conditions of the details in question. Production is carried out according to our standard technology or using customer-provided technology. The following implementation methods are available:

– manual production of FRP/GRP (is the oldest and most popular method of manufacturing polyester-glass composite. It consists of placing reinforcement in a mould and at the same time saturating it with a suitably selected resin);

– infusion (consists in placing dry reinforcement into a mould with a gelcoat applied beforehand, laying down the installation for resin distribution and sealing the mould with a vacuum bag. A vacuum pump is then used to create a vacuum between the resin inlet and the vacuum collection system. Using a pressure differential, the resin is sucked between the vacuum bag and the mould and distributed throughout the reinforcement;

– LRTM (is a method of manufacturing FRP composites in closed moulds. It is similar to infusion, but by using double-sided moulds, the components are smooth on both sides. In the first phase of the process, the resin is injected into a tightly closed mould where the reinforcement materials have previously been placed dry); Our products have a perfectly smooth surface, high gloss and are UV-resistant. We ensure that the elements can be manufactured using the full RAL colour palette.

Mould fabrication

We offer 3 of the most popular types of moulds for making composite parts:

– suitable for manual production of FRP/GRP;
– Infusion – with silicone membrane capability;

Depending on requirements, these can be used to make components for customers or supplied directly to other production facilities.

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CNC milling

A 5-axis CNC milling machine (with working area dimensions X=3000, Y=5000, Z=1200) allows us to accelerate and enhance precision during, among other things, the following operations:

– milling of models for mould making;
– Precise trimming of workpieces;
– milling of solids as finished parts;

Our personnel has been fully trained in the operation of the machine as well as in the generation of NC code, resulting in models cut in mdf (or other) panels, based on prepared documentation or after scanning an existing product.

In the design phase, we use, among other things, edgecam and pccam software. The customer can fully rely on our consulting services – we analyse every project submitted for the optimum execution variant.

While developing the manufacturing of glass-polyester composite products, we have improved the process of making models by retrofitting the machinery base with a five-axis machining centre, which enables us to make extremely precise models of products on a 1:1 scale, from wood, wood-derived materials, styrodur and others. With the scanning touch probe we can enter the shape of the moulded piece to be cut.


Thanks to our ability to make low-cost one-off moulds, we are able to make any prototype and based on this determine the cost of series production. In addition, the customer receives a fully-fledged product that they can use for:

– making presentations to the investors;
– optimising implementation;
– checking assumptions for actual execution;

– and many more…

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