We will manufacture any FRP composite product for you with perfect precision.

When using FRP composite components you need to be sure that they will be of the highest quality. Technology developed over the span of more than 25 years and 2,000+ completed projects gives such assurance.

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Automotive sector

FRP components used in the automotive sector are characterised by high accuracy, very high aesthetics and durability. This is due to the strict standards operating in the industry. Making such items requires a special approach, as often the shape of the product itself as well as the mould is a challenge. These products are fabricated as finished goods or prepared for lacquering.

Amusement and acquaparks

The characteristics of the parks market have shown us that making a composite shell alone is not enough. The assembly of steel components – frames, brackets or hinges – is an additional part of the manufacturing process, which we carry out with the utmost care according to customer requirements. In addition, from the process side, the components themselves must have sufficient rigidity and strength, and the materials used must be watertight or fire-resistant.

Very frequently the composite components used in acquaparks are characterised by complex shapes. Because they are used by people, these products have very high technical and quality requirements. The major advantage of using FRP in acquaparks is its waterproofness. Majority of the products intended for acquaparks are prepared for lacquering due to aesthetic requirements and the need to adapt the component to a specific setting.

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Agricultural and construction machinery

The structural and technological requirements of components used in the agricultural and construction sectors are very similar to those of components used in the automotive sector, but, moreover, the application of heat-resistant materials is commonplace here. Quite often, these components also come into contact with various active substances (corrosive environment) and, consequently, the materials used must have adequate chemical resistance. Furthermore, technologies taking into account UV resistance and the ability to quickly replace a damaged component are the most common requirements customers have.

Water equipment

By water equipment we mean all kinds of boats, yachts, motorboats, pedal boats and other such equipment. All of these pieces of equipment are characterised above all by their resistance to water and their high durability due to the forces involved and the possibility of contact with the bottom. Boats, yachts or motorboats are very aesthetically pleasing products, so they need to be made in a quality that will allow it to be finally painted. Furthermore, due to the forces involved and the possibility of contact with the bottom, boats, yachts or motorboats must be made in such a way that their eventual repair is simple, quick and effective.



Recently, there has been a growing interest in composite products for leisure use. We are talking mostly about washtubs or swimming pools. The major advantage of FRP here is its waterproofness. With these products, human contact with the composite material is a key element, so quality and aesthetics play an important role. However, temperature resistance (e.g. a boiler for heating water near the washtub) or UV resistance (these products remain outside all year round) are equally important for these products. Quality and aesthetics affect the operational safety of these products used also by children.


Our company was founded with the objective of manufacturing composite products specifically for industry. Our main product is FRP fan components for industrial cooling towers. We manufacture technically simple components for micro-cold room’s diffusers, walls or ceilings. Instead, we specialise in the production of highly efficient cooling fan impellers, the current design of which is the outcome of 25 years of experience and technical expertise.

We are able to manufacture virtually any industrial components from FRP, such as panels, walls, air-tight coverings, tanks, etc. Large production shops equipped with overhead cranes allow the production of FRP composite elements as big as several metres.


Project portfolio


Manufacturing of FRP components

Made both by manual and by vacuum techniques - perfect for multi-batch production.

Mould fabrication

The independent Pattern Shop ensures that the moulds are made in accordance with the specified requirements and, in addition, guarantees the continuity of orders by keeping the tools in optimum condition.


The ability to quickly produce one-off moulds allows single parts to be made to catch up with all the details of an order before series production begins.

CNC milling

Large 5-axis milling machine for making models for both mould manufacturing and finished components.